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After leaving the bathroom and returning to our table, Robin’s male companion was there and they were getting pretty close. Charlotte and I grabbed our drinks and went back to dance some more. Within a couple minutes, a guy came up and started dancing with Charlotte and they kind of moved off while chatting and dancing. I was there by myself and was getting ready to approach a couple other girls who were dancing by themselves when a guy walked up and put his hand on my hip and leaned in and said” Hi, I’m Paul and you are beautiful.” This is one way to get a girls attention. Compliments, whether good or bad, get our attention. The reactions can go either way as well, but before you get anywhere, you have to get our attention. I told him thank you and kind of put my wrist on his shoulder and started dancing with him. We danced for a while and his buddy came by and told him that his date got drunk, threw up then bolted. Paul introduced his friend as Eric. My slutty nature kicked in and I started dancing with both of them. It wasn’t long before I was getting grinded from both sides and I loved it. Paul managed to feel me up pretty good while Eric backed up slightly while dancing. Paul started rubbing my ass and hips until my skirt came up in the front. It was almost like a team effort, Eric smiled and I heard him lean in and tell Paul “Commando”. They offered to get me alcohol and I refused, I like to be in full control when I am with someone I have just met. Also, I had “Find my Friends” on my phone so Robin and Charlotte could find me should anything happen. I would also send a GPS screenshot of address I would be at after getting back to the guys or girls apartment. The three of us danced for a little while longer. Robin stopped by with her date to let me know she was ok; she made sure I was ok, even made a friendly little threat to the guys and her date did as well. About 10 minutes later, Charlotte stopped by with her guy and we went through the same ritual. They left and then there were three!
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She froze, her face blushing instantly. She obviously didn't mean to add that last part.
-“Hello Misses Jones, how are you?” he politely asked
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story which I'll try and write soon! Please rate my story and leave
Both he and Dave gave a big smile as Brandon and I walked into our new bathroom. Not only was there a toilet, but a urinal, which of course as we were in a boy’s dorm made sense. We looked at the shower. It was huge, with two shower heads and enough room for at a minimum two people. I blushed remembering what I had said a moment ago.
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"Yes," I sighed. "It felt nice when you kissed me. Why do you want me to admit it so much?"
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I opened the door and noticed that my room was wide open. I heard some rumbling and I could hear Tom's voice. He sounded very excited about something, so I went to see what was happening.


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I jumped onto the bed next to her and grabbed her breasts against her bra. As nice as it made them look, I would rather have it off, and unhooked it and tossed it to the floor. She went to work on my cock, wanting to get it hard again.
"Now I have to know. What's your plan?"
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I followed her across the living room, staring at her wondrous ass the entire way. As she started up the stairs she asked coyly. "Do you know why I picked these underwear specifically for tonight?"
"No" Melanie shrieked and squealed from beneath her. Her nipples were rock hard and her neck was getting red. "No no no no FUCK" she cried out as she came violently, her hips bucked and her legs shook against Hailey. Hailey got off and gave her clit a quick kiss, looking down triumphantly.
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“Yea, uhso, how is all that going, anyway?” he asked hesitantly.
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I knew he had positioned himself for the most erotic experience possible, and Brittany just tagged along for the ride. I stopped them . . . spun and Brian won. It was time to make things more interesting. I told Brittany to stand over him while he remained seated. Next, she was to slowly pull up her pleated skirt to her waist and wait for my instructions.


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-“Well, you came for the guys in the van, so I’m sure you can do it for me… What I want is for you to tell me when you are close and when it happens. I want you to look right at me when you speak.” He than started rubbing faster and harder as he was slapping my butt one cheek at a time. I felt it build up and reluctantly forced myself to look up at him:
"Oh my God Benjamin! Is it someone from around here? Do I know her? Do I know her husband?" She was asking so many questions it almost made me laugh. Her hand went to her mouth in shock. "You aren't seeing AmyLynn again are you?"
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He sighed. "Well well, goodie for you, huh?"
“Why, I only want to watch.”
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"Bob, can I talk to you for a minute?"
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“Absolutely not, there is no way he can come and stay with us!” I shouted to my wife. “He is a convict, he is a criminal!”


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I looked at my water-proof Timex. “Almost two.”
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James: Get rid of the rest of the blanket.
“Fuck that is huge,” they both muttered in unison as Margaret removed her blouse, exposing a brilliant pair of tits with very erect nipples. She then removed her slacks to expose brilliant legs topped by a firm and well-rounded arse.
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Such was the naivetГ© of my youth.
“How was your day?” I asked.
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I was hot and bothered again, but every else seemed pretty wiped out so I headed upstairs for a bath and change of clothes. I took my time enjoying the warm water embracing me. I had been pushing myself a lot this week so I let my muscles relax and although it was still pretty early I dozed off for a little while. After I got out of the tub I dressed in lace underwear, small tight denim shorts and a snug baby doll t-shirt.
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"Why, don't you like fair bodies like your wife's" she asked.


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"That wasreally fucking hot" she said, her eyes a little glazed.
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Amber told her story next. If everyone remembers I had sex with my brother and have been teasing my father in my robe. I am still teasing my father, I have got the the point where I leave the sash untied in front of him. I leave my bedroom door open at night and and naked while I sleep. My father has come in several times and talked with me while I am naked. My mother has not seen me much and I believe she may say something to me is she does.
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Plus I wanted to make my mom happy and “quit wearing jeans all the time” as she put it. I also picked out a few spaghetti strapped tank tops and went to the fitting room to try them on. The tanks were totally showing too much cleavage, but I decided to keep one in black and one in white. Then I tried the skirt on and it fit well, but I noticed that it was about four inches above the knee, which made me uncomfortable, but I had seen other girls wear them and so I just sighed and decided that it was something that I had to do. I also noticed how it hugged my hips and how my bubble butt was stretching the back side of the skirt. I had no choice but to buy them and after some more walking through the mall we went home.
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"Damien wants you to go over around six to help him with something, okay? I told him you would." I started at this new information. I don't remember hearing about this. Before I could question them further, my mother and father were already out of the door.
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“Yes, yes, make me let you fuck my ass,” moaned Alison. “The way your favorite slut-sister should.”


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I looked down and sure enough my nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through my shirt. "Hmm your one to talk."
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I had developed a good radar, since my incident with the pervy old Doctor, to recognise whether someone had a sexual interest in me. Something to do with body language, the way they look at you and the way they discreetly lick their lips. So despite being caught doing something wrong, I was also aware that Matron was very interested in what she saw. She is in her 50’s, her salt and pepper hair was still up in her usual severe bun, she wore a long terry tie-up dressing gown, slippers but the tell-tale signs were that her eyes were glued to our pussies not our faces, she was licking her top lip which also glistened with beads of sweat and I could see her nipples protruding through the thick fabric, tightening, the longer she stood staring at us.
“Hey, let's do what they do,” I suggest.
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We got home and walked into the house. "So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" I asked as we got his things settled.
My wife blushed, but she was smiling. “I always suspected you were the kinky one of the group,” she admitted slyly. She gave her consent.
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“You were good!” Katie exclaimed, “It was exactly what I wanted, I loved the feeling of being berated while being filled up in multiple holes, thanks for setting that up for me Chloe.”
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I heard the shower turn on.


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I looked at Max with a concerned look but I knew what he really wanted, I saw it in his face, in his eyes, Max was asking if he could stay with me. “You know Max I haven’t had a sleepover since 9th grade” I said half wittedly.
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"I'm so glad you guys could come! We've been trying to do this for ages." Amy replied gracefully. We switched positions. Amy gave me a small hug and a kiss, as Brian proceeded to torment Kaylee.
It made sense to me so I left the bathroom thrilled that I had seen it. I sat on the sofa while Shay laid on the floor watching TV. After a few episodes Dante had gotten out of the shower and sat next to me on the couch. He was wearing a white wife beater and red baggy basketball shorts. I kept glancing at his crotch and after a while I saw that the bulge in his pants was growing. After a few minutes it looked like something a little smaller than a cucumber was creating a thick line in his pants. We both glanced at Shay from time to time but she was absorbed in her show. Dante grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and put it over his lap. I was disappointed so I focused on the TV for a moment and when I looked back at his crotch he was holding the edge of the blanket up and had his thumb hooked in his shorts so I was looking at the head and a few inches of his cock sticking out of the top of his underwear. I looked up at him and he was focusing on the TV, I think he was doing it so that if his sister looked back she wouldn't see what he was doing behind the blanket and so she didn't wonder why we were both looking at her brother's lap. We heard a door squeak and knew Brenda was coming out of her room and Dante lowered the blanket over himself. After Brenda passed through the living room into the kitchen, Dante leaned over to me and whispered so softly that it was barely the sound of breath, "come into my room tonight after everyone is asleep and I can tell you more about boy privates".
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Finally, one of the girls yelled out, "Pool time!" and everybody made a dash for the backyard. In the midst of this, tank tops and cheer shorts went flying in all different directions, as everyone had come prepared with a bikini underneath. By the time I had walked over all of the loose clothing and made my way to the pool area, seven cheerleaders, with tight bodies, were splashing around the pool in bikinis. Every one of them had at least a flat stomach; a few of them had six packs. The girls all had varying size ranges of chests, everything from small B's to full C's. Most were pretty impressive for their young age.
The smile left her face and she returned my stare."You want me to be serious, OK. But I want you to stop treating me like I'm stupid! I AM a smart girl!"
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“Jesus fucking Christ! So hot! Eat my load! Suck cock, you hot fucking slut! Fuck!” I shouted, the thick wads of sticky cum rocketing into her throat! Sandy hummed loudly as she swallowed my jizz, slapping my ass cheeks and hammering her long finger in and out of my asshole!
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My name is Ben. I am a pretty average guy. I have an average job with an average salary. An average home, and an average social life. I'm pretty tall, but not much more than average. A full adult life of being a contractor has left me with a muscled upper body, and arms, but I admit I have a beer gut and a small spare tire to match. Not good looking but not a troll either. Really just your average middle aged guy. Up until 4 years ago, I would have said I had an average sex life. A few serious relationships but never married. A few one night hook-ups but definitely not a male whore. I don't have any strange fetishes, or out of the norm attractions. My past has been all 1 man, 1 woman encounters. My sexual experiences have all been, well Average. Then things changed.


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Ashley moved the shower curtain and peaked her head around.
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“I was going to say that it was very nice of you to support them but I know that you like being like you are.”
Ron took his hand off his cock pulled up his underwear and jeans. In a near daze, he turned off the TV but forgot the VCR, then went to the dresser and switched off the tea lamp. He closed her bedroom door and walked down to his room. When he turned the light on he saw the bottom drawer of his chest pulled open. Two sweaters half hanging out and three of his copied porn vids were laying on the floor. He didn't give it any thought, undressed, got into bed and was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow.
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"When I was in college, it wasn't split up, one price for both."
We got back to the house around 5:30 and went into the kitchen to put things away, poured
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"Dave, I need you...to do something for me..." she murmured in between gasps.


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